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About Us

Roozbeh Chocolate Food Industries Co. started its mission in 1995 in the field of research and development, manufacturing and supplying products with high quality and fair prices for confectionery, bakery and chocolate industries according to the following principles:

+ Supplying all the ingredients of the pastry and confectionery industry with the aim of resolving production concerns of the confectioneries and helping them to focus more on sales

+ Creating added value and reducing the production costs of confectioneries

+ Manufacturing and supplying of confectionery raw materials (pastry, bakery and cake decorating ingredients) in line with the world modern products and pastries

+ Emphasizing on local and international competitive ability in the areas of quality, price, product diversity, packaging, distribution and sales

+ Localization of the products and pastry ingredients according to the features of confectioneries and local customers


Manufacturing and supplying a variety of pastry and bakery ingredients (ready and semi-ready to use) of the pastry, chocolate and bakery industry into local and international markets, using expert human resources, state-of-the-art technologies and private sector capital.


Achieving the market leadership standing for the bakery, cake and pastry ingredients in the region (middle east)

Policy Outlines and Targets

In line with realization of its vision and mission, Roozbeh Chocolate Food Industries Co. seeks to achieve the following targets:

Adopting the product diversity, quality and health in accordance with the national and international standards

Maximum customer accompaniment and support to reduce their manufacturing costs

Training the customers and improving their skills and capabilities

Obtaining high satisfaction of the human resources in terms of the organizational identity, motivation improvement, and empowerment

The cost management and emphasis on operational efficiency, production, staffing, and supportive actions